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21.5.2024 - 29.6.2024

Kyriakos Rokos

emerging elements


4.4.2024 - 11.5.2024


16.1.2024 - 23.3.2024

Flower Power

a group exhibition

Denis Monfleur, Eva Papadopoulou, Antoine Poncet, Rob Stultiens, Ru Xiao Fan


7.11.2023 - 6.1.2024

Form and Function: a Fusion of Design, Art, and Sculpture

a group exhibition

 Martine Boileau, Simone Boisecq, Christos Caras, Robert Couturier, Bertrand Créac'h, Philolaos, Alberto Guzman, Memos Makris, Eva Papadopoulou, Eja Siepman van den Berg, Costas Tsoclis.

Moderne_Art Fair_Blanc_C_DL.jpg

19.10.2023 - 22.10.2023

P gallery | sculpture @ booth 211 Pavillon 2

a group exhibition

Costas Coulentianos, Parvine Curie, Claude Mercier, Eva Papadopoulou


1.9.2023 - 4.11.2023

The Animal Kingdom in Sculpture

a group exhibition

Fanny Ferré, Consuela de Montmarin, Gilles Nicolas, Jacques Owzarek, Giannis  Pappas 

Philolaos, Kyriakos Rokos, Jean Lambert Rucki, Philippe Scrive, Claude Torricini 


1.6.2023 - 29.7.2023

Sculptural Visions

a group exhibition

Achilleas Apergis, Christos Caras, Costas Coulentianos, Parvine Curie, Yvette de la Fremondière, Edmée Guyon,  Daniel Hourdé,   Andreas Papachristos, José Subira-Puig, Takis, Ru Xiao Fan


30.3.2023 - 20.5.2023

100 years Lotti van der Gaag

sculptures and paintings


19.1.2023 - 18.3.2023

100 years Philolaos

the maquettes


15.9.2022 - 12.11.2022

Contemporary Sculpture

a group exhibition

Eric Liot, Eva Papadopoulou, Jean-Michel Pradel-Fraysse

IMG_8539sq small.jpg

15.9.2022 - 12.11.2022

Twentieth Century Greek Sculpture

a group exhibition

Costas Coulentianos, Klearchos Loukopoulos, Memos Makris, Philolaos


2.6.2022 - 23.7.2022


31.3.2022 - 28.5.2022

Back to Earth

a dialogue between the sculptures of Fanny Ferré and the relief art of Eva Papadopoulou


20.1.2022 - 19.3.2022

Ma Desheng

a fragile balance


18.11.2021 - 15.1.2022

A Seat @ The Table

sculptural furniture: a group exhibition

Christos Caras, Costas Coulentianos, Parvine Curie, Daniel Hourdé, Eric Liot, Eva Papadopoulou, Philolaos


16.9.2021 - 13.11.2021.2021

The Urban Landscape

a group exhibition

Vincent Batbedat, Betrand Créac'h, Francesco Marino di Teana, Eva Papadopoulou, Philolaos


14.8.2021 - 22.8.2021

Costas Coulentianos

... from 1937 in Skyros


7.5.2021 - 10.7.2021

The (un)natural world

a group exhibition

Eric Claus, Lotti van der Gaag, Yannis Gaitis, Heleen Levano, Karl-Jean Longuet, Eva Papadopoulou, Philolaos. Claude Torricini


17.9.2020 - 14.11.2020

Reflections of Light

a group exhibition

Antoine Poncet, Claude Mercier, Dietrich-Mohr, Emile Gilioli, Philippe Scrive, Daniel Hourde, Alberto Guzman, Christos Caras


10.9.2020 - 13.9.2020

Art Paris

group exhibition

Costas Coulentianos, Robert Couturier, Daniel Hourdé, Memos Makris, Francesco Marino di Teana, Pavlos, Philolaos, Antoine Poncet, Takis and François Stahly.


6.3.2020 - 15.7.2020

Klearchos Loukopoulos


In this exhibition a series of representative sculptures are on view from the abstract period of Klearchos Loukopoulos that are characterized by their compact structure and austere plasticity.


11.1.2020 - 5.3.2020

Parvine Curie & François Stahly

an artist couple

The exhibition 'Parvine Curie & François Stahly' showcases the artwork of this artist couple. While both explore the relationship between architecture, spiritualism and sculpture, they do so in their very own way.


29.11.219 - 11.1.2020

For art's sake!

jewelry, art fashion, sculpture


17.9.2019 - 28.11.2019


The exhibition 'PorTête' focuses on the subject of the human face.

Vincent Batbedat, Philippe Desloubières, Françoise Carrasco, Appie Drielsma, Yannis Gaitis, Jean-Michel Pradel-Fraysse, Theodoros Papagiannis, José Subira Puig, Philolaos, Philippe Scrive, Gabriella Simossi


21.5.2019 - 31.7.2019

it's all Greek to me

t's all Greek to me presents artwork that  refers to ancient and modern Greek culture.

Eric Claus, Ridi Dado, Daniel Hourdé, Yannis Gaitis, Yiorgos Lambrou,Yannis Pappas, Thimios Panourgias, Philolaos, Jean Podevin


26.3.2019 - 18.5.2019

live by your wits

Live by your wits is a group exhibition that examines the relationship between art and humor.

Christos Caras, Françoise Carrasco,  Jean-Paul Douziech, Daniel Hourdé, Jean Lambert Rucki, Yiorgos Lambrou, Philolaos, Jean-Michel Pradel-Fraysse, Kyriakos Rokos, Gabriella Simossi, Joost van den Toorn


15.1.2019 - 23.3.2019

the spirit of form

The spirit of form is a group exhibition that examines the relationship between representation and shapes.

Emile Gilioli, Antoine Poncet, François Stahly, Parvine Curie, Ma Desheng, Philippe Scrive


8.11.2018 - 4.1.2019

100 years Costas Coulentianos

the last of the modern acrobats


8.9.2018 - 3.11.2018

geometry in sculpture: the architectural approach to sculpture

Francesco Marino di Teana, Vincent Batbedat, François Stahly, Klearchos Loukopoulos


19.6.2018 - 14.7.2018

when art meets fashion

sculptures by Lambrou, Coulentianos, Phililaos, Ma Desheng,  Marino di Teana, Guzman,  Curie, Batbedat, Mercier, Makris,  Loukopoulos,  Kapandais


8.5.2018 -16.6.2018

It's a woman's world: a group exhibition

Gabriella Simossi, Maro Kerasioti, Parvine Curie,Yvette de Fremondiere, Lotti van der Gaag,

Eja Siepman van den Berg


6.2.2018 - 14.4.2018

'I see you' or 'Art is in the Eye of the Beholder'

a group exhibition with Daniel Hourdé; Philippe Desloubieres, Jean-Michel Pradel-Fraysse, Rob Stultiens, Eric Claus, Philolaos, Christos Caras, Marcos Armaos, Kyriakos Rokos


30.11.2017 - 2.2.2018

painting meets sculpture: a group exhibition

Ζωγράφοι -Γλύπτες

Yiannis Gaitis, Pavlos Dionyssopoulos, Christos Caras, Trandafillos Patraskidis, Ma Desheng


19.9.2017 - 27.11.2017

Get real! Figurative art of the twentieth century: a group exhibition

Françoise Carrasco, Costas Coulentianos, Fanny Ferré, Giorgos Georgadis, Memos Makris, Yannis Pappas, Philolaos, Eja Siepman van den Berg, Gabriela Simossi, Henk Spreeuwenberg, Claude Torricini


25.5.2017 - 21.7.2017


28.2.2017 - 21.5.2017

The Paradoxical Fifties: between figuration and abstraction

Coulentianos Costas, Philolaos, Loukopoulos Clearxos


6.12.2016 - 25.2.2017

Take a seat!

Sculptors make furniture

Marino di Teana, Gilioli, Curie, Scrive, Loukopoulos, Makris, Xouliaras, Coulentianos, Philolaos


1.12.2016 - 4.12.2016

P gallery | sculpture at Art Thessaloniki

Helexpo, Pavilion 10, stand 28


15.9.2016 - 3.12.2016

Modernist Sculpture

Coulentianos, Curie, Lambrou, Loukopoulos, Marino di Teana, Scrive, Stahly


25.5.2016 - 23.7.2016

Memos Makris

The Cactuses


5.4.2016 - 18.5.2016

Abstract sculpture in Paris

Parvine Curie, Emile Gilioli, Francesco Marino di Teana, François Stahly, Philippe Scrive


9.1.2016 - 2.4.2016

Four Greek sculptors working in metal

Costas Coulentianos, Klearchos Loukopoulos, Memos Makris, Philolaos


11.12.2015 - 10.1.2016

small scale sculpture and artist jewelry

Badord, Carrasco, Claus, Coulentianos, Curie, Marino di Teana, Ferré, Kilar, Lamprou, Loukopoulos, Makris, Papadopoulou, Papagiannis, Philolaos, Rokos, Scrive, Simossi, Subirà-Puig


16.10.2015 - 10.12.2015

group exhibition

Batbedat, Coulentianos, Curie, Dietrich-Mohr, Marino di Teana, Kapandais, Lamprou, Loukopoulos, Makris, Philolaos, Poncet, Rokos, Scrive, Simossi, Subira-Puig


30.5.2015 - 25.7.2015

France & Greece: 25 sculptors

Batbedat, Coulentianos, Couturier, Curie, Dietrich-Mohr, Fachard, de la Fremondiere, Gilioli, Hourdé, Ipousteguy,Marino di Teana, Kapandais,Kilar, Kishida, Lamprou, Loukopoulos, Makris, Philolaos, Poncet, Rokos, Scrive, Stahly, Simossi, Subira-Puig

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