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Ma Desheng

a fragile balance


20.1.2022 - 19.3.2022

According to Ma the stone shelters ‘the fire of the volcano’, it is a natural habitat that transcends the notion of a physical envelope in very much the same way as the human body can be understood as the receptacle of a true life force within.  He asserts that the stones in his work represent the way he sees life: “(…) each event participates in the construction of who we are. I consider the stones as the origin of life: they consist of soil, the primordial element; they are solid and eternal, they never change, contrary to all other natural elements. Such is life: a succession of stones that we can stack one on top of the other as we see fit, but that pile is both solid and fragile because of  its precarious equilibrium.”


In Ma Desheng’s stone paintings the bounderies between sculpture and painting is obliterated. Hence his next logical step was to make bronze sculptures that render the images in his paintings three-dimensional. 


Faced with near impossible adversity Ma Desheng is an artist that has tapped into the true cosmic meaning of life, which he seeks to express in every way open to him.  Apart from being a painter and sculptor, Ma Desheng is a poet as well and recites from his own work at festivals. He continues to work and live in Paris.   SEE BIOGRAPHY

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