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Eric Liot, 1964-


Born in France in 1964, Eric Liot is an established contemporary painter and sculptor, who has shown his work in numerous solo and group exhibitions in France, Belgium and Germany.


He creates works in various mediums and techniques such as collage or assemblage. The last 20 years, Eric Liot has been reinterpreting cultural icons, ranging from our favorite heroes, symbols of the consumer society or characters from cartoons, films or video game, and blends them with his own memories. Eric Liot's work is strongly rooted in the tradition of the found object and assemblage. His collages are made of found objects, toys, comics, pieces of packaging, and commercials. The juxtaposition of these elements and materials in new displays tell novel stories, in which a sense of humor is key.


Liot has also made a series of sculptures inspired by mythology.

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