Eva Papadopoulou, 1979-

A relief artist, Eva Papadopoulou puts a new twist on the ancient art form of mosaic by using the relief technique.  By arranging hundreds of slivers of marble that jut out towards the viewer, she creates not only volume, but suggests motion as well. Thus her often nature-inspired scenes obtain an impressionistic character.

Eva Papadopoulou grew up and worked for many years in her family's art foundry, where she got hands on experience in many techniques and was exposed to a large variety of sculptural art. When she moved to Paris in 2011 she decided to forge her own path as an artist and specialized in artist handmade jewelry. Her research focussed on the repition of simple forms to create jewelry that is minimal, yet intricate. In a similar vein she started upon her return to Greece in 2017 to experiment with marble. Much like her jewelry she painstakingly puts together small pieces of marble of various sizes and colour to create patterns that are awash with motion. Her nature scenes not only capture the harsh light of day, but also the subdued tones of the golden and blue hour.

P gallery | sculpture

Koumbari 6, 10674 Kolonaki, Athens

tel. +30 210 36 35 632