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when art meets fashion



Parvine Curie
Vincent Batbedat
Alberto Guzman
Claude Mercier
Yiorgos Lambrou
Memos Makris
Memos Makris
Vasos Kapandais
Klearchos Loukopoulos
Ma Desheng

Following in the footsteps of Elsa Schiaparelli / Salvador Dali and Yves Saint Laurent/ Piet Mondriaan, fashion designer monTieu specialises in unique designs inspired by modernist sculpture. In this exhibition some of his exclusive designs are shown alongside the sculptures that have inspired these designs in order to create a dialogue between art and fashion.

Participating artists: Vincent Batbedat, Costas Coulentianos, Parvine Curie, Ma Desheng, Alberto Guzman,   Vasos Kapandais , Yiorgos Lambrou,, Klearchos Loukopoulos, Memos Makris, Francesco Marino di Teana, Claude Mercier, Phililaos.

Art Fashion designer: monTieu

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