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Parvine Curie & François Stahly


Συνοδοιπόροι  / An artist couple

11.1.2020 - 7.3.2020

Η καινούργια έκθεση που εγκαινιάζεται στην P gallery | sculpture με τίτλο François Stahly & Parvine Curie : Συνοδοιπόροι, αφορά την κοινή ζωή, επαγγελματική και έπειτα προσωπική, δύο γλυπτών, του François Stahly (1911-2006) και της  Parvine Curie (1936-).

​Οι δύο καλλιτέχνες δύο έδειξαν ενδιαφέρον για το πάντρεμα τέχνης και αρχιτεκτονική και δημιουργούν με τα έργα τους μια μετάβαση προς έναν άλλον κόσμο. Έναν χώρο πέρα από τον υπάρχων κόσμο.

The  exhibition currently on display in P gallery | sculpture entitled François Stahly & Parvine Curie: an artist couple highlights the artistic affinity between the sculptors François Stahly (1911-2006) and Parvine Curie (1936-_).

Both artists explore the relationship between sculpture and architecture and create with their artwork a portal to another, more spiritual, world. A world beyond  the mundane.

u p c o m i n g . . .

P gallery | sculpture is proud to announce its first participation in Art Paris, 2-5 April 2020

P gallery is presenting a selection of bronze sculptures by renowned artists born in the first half of the 20th century. A highlight is the artwork by the Greek artist TAKIS (Panayiotis Vassilakis, 1925-2019). Considered one of the most innovative artists of the post war era for his use of magnetism in sculpture, Takis had a retrospective show in Tate Modern in 2019 and his work is included in the collections of major museums worldwide.
At P gallery’s stand visitors will also encounter the artwork of other noteworthy sculptors, among whom ANTOINE PONCET (b. 1928), whose abstract sculptures are studies in balance and motion all at once.  A member of the French academy of Fine Arts, Poncet has recently represented France in the National Art Museum of China that acquired his sculptures. 






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